Electrical Services

Residential Electrical Services

  • Ceiling Fan Installation and Maintenance.
  • Convert compact florescent lights to LED lights which use considerable less electricity, operate much cooler, and last far longer than other types of lighting.
  • Knob and Tube Wiring replacement. While you may obtain financing for a home with K&T wiring, most insurance companies will require that it be removed before or 30 days after closing.
  • Hot tub installation
    Hot Tubs, Saunas, and Spas
  • New Circuits in your garage for workshop equipment, refrigerators, washer, dryers, freezers, welders, air compressors, etc.
  • Outlets and Switches: Replacement of old, worn-out outlets and switches or install additional service where needed.
  • Relocating and new TV outlets.
  • Kitchen Light
  • Security and Landscape Lighting.
  • Service Panel upgrades.
  • Smoke Detectors.
  • Track and Accent Lighting to make your home more efficient and beautiful.

Commercial Services

Your business's electrical system is too important to place in the hands of just any commercial electrician. Computers, servers, copiers, fax machines and lighting - not to mention your time-sensitive, electronically stored data - all depend on consistent and reliable electricity.

Select Electric knows you want minimal business disruption during your electrical repairs or upgrade project and will do everything to make your repair or upgrade as smooth as possible.

We are here to help - from beginning to completion, Select Electric offers a multitude of services such as:

  • Ceiling Fans
  • Recessed Can Lights
  • A/C and Heating Circuits
  • Main Service Upgrades
  • Light Fixture Replacements and Installations
  • Receptacle and Switch Replacement
  • Security Lighting
  • Data and Phone Line Installation and Repair
  • ... More ...

Commercial Services

Whatever your business, down time is costly. That's why Select Electric's fast response time will get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

  • Electric motor repair or replacement
  • Controls troubleshooting and repair
  • Equipment trouble shooting
  • Power distribution
  • Disconnect & Reconnect of Equipment for Relocation
  • ... More ...