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Russ Stuart, Owner of Select Electric
Russ Stuart, Owner of Select Electric

Select Electric is a local, family-owned and operated company with more than 30 years of electrical experience who guarantee outstanding service at fair and reasonable rates.

Modern Lighting installed by Select Electric
Lighting installed by Select Electric

No electrical task is too large or too small.

We specialize in in all types of electrical repairs and new electrical installations  including code corrections, lighting fixtures, hot tubs and saunas, electric panel updates and replacements.

Select Electric can replace old Fluorescent tubes with LED tubes, and eliminate the use of ballasts in the light fixtures, which means you would probably not have to replace any more tubes in your lifetime, and will never have to replace expensive ballasts or fluorescent light fixtures again.

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Is your home an unsafe fire hazard?

old fuse box and circut breaker panels can cause fires.

Did you know that old and obsolete breakers and fuse boxes are a fire hazard?

"If your electric boxes were installed before 1970 you should have them inspected as soon as possible."

In addition to being unsafe these older boxes were never designed to handle the electrical loads of today's high-tech equipment such as computers and big screen TVs, or the many modern appliances used in most kitchens.

Many insurance companies actually refuse to insure homes with fuse panels. Change out your electrical panel and ask your insurance company to lower you insurance rate.

Power Outages in Northern Nevada

Living in Northern Nevada we have become all to accustomed to power outages due to storms, high winds, or equipment failure.

Being without power is always inconvenient, but during the winter months when temperatures can fall below freezing, it can have deadly consequences when there is no power to run your furnace and keep you warm.

Select Electric is proud to announce that they are an authorized dealer for Briggs & Stratton® Standby Generators for residential and commercial use.

Briggs & Stratton automatic home generators provide permanent backup protection from power outages for your home, and your family.

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Save up to 15% on your Electric Bill

Powerworkx e3 Power Management system

Powerworx E3 - a whole house surge protector. It can actually slow down your electric meter and save you up to 15% on your electric bill and extends the life of appliances and expensive electronics.

If a power surge does get past this device and damages anything connected to the electrical panel, there is a $25K insurance policy to replace those items.

Learn more about Powerworx e3

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